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Joint-desk Research

Two Joint-Desk Research were completed. Below you can read a small summary of each of the research as well as download the final result.

Intellectual Output #1

Global Citizenship Education and Social Emotional Learning in Non-formal Education

This joint desk research consists of;

– collection and review of the existing materials on GCE-SEL education
– brief national contextual status reports on the GCE-SEL education in partner countries
– good practices in the provision of non-formal and informal learning Erasmus+ program and other in-country activities

This joint desk research will support youth workers to include Global Citizenship Education and Social Emotional Learning in their facilitation and workshops.

Intellectual Output #2

Digitalization of Non-Formal Learning methods

Elements of research:

– desk research on existing digital tools for learning, types of e-learning platforms, MOOCs directed to the NFE sector
– relevant papers on digital learning and its impact
– survey among partnership and associated partnership regarding experiences in digitalization
– collection of the best practices in terms of virtual mobility accomplished within Erasmus+ programme by 2020;

This joint desk research will additionally support the youth workers to be familiar with the latest digital trends and methods to create supportive e-learning environment for young learners.

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