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An ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership for Digitalizing Non-formal Education


We aim to create a fun online space for Non-formal Education with the learners in mind.

This online space will become a major hub for NFE educators to create and run various courses.

Starting with Global Citizenship Education focusing on Social Emotional Learning!

Why GCE and SEL?

Global Citizenship is more important than ever.

We believe that focusing on the Social Emotional Learning, a sub-domain of GCE, offers today the most relevant response to the needs of the youth across the globe.

DEE-GEAYS Timeline


    We meet all the partnership and get to know each other. The partnership then decides the flow of the project, considering the limitations and flexibility.

    Initially, it was supposed to be a physical meeting in Trento, but later was replaced by e-meet.

  • Creation of Intellectual Outputs- IO1 and IO2

    The partnership then works on the two Intellectual outputs;

    • IO1 – Joint desk research in GCE-SEL
      • to provide partnership with a comprehensive overview of the states of art in the field of global citizenship education focusing on the Social Emotional Learning dimension.
    • IO2 – Joint desk research in digital NFE
      •  to provide an overview of the current states of art in the field of non-formal learning digitalization, in particular existing methods and tools that allow to provide quality non-formal e-learning.
  • Work on Intellectual Output 3

    Development of the methodology for labs on GCE-SEL with focus on potential digitalization of this methodology

    Each partner organizes 5 local labs on GCE-SEL for 15 young people and collects constructive feedback (questionnaires to be developed as part of IO3) in order to design methodology adapted to virtual learning. Labs to be recorded (audio/visual recording) as good practices for the virtual library. 

  • Create the podcast

    The educational podcast series will include 5 episodes in between 90-120 minutes, overall aimed to raise awareness on the global solidarity in the current context of pandemic and global “expectations” of post-pandemic socio-economic crisis.

  • Work on Intellectual Output 4

    to create virtual library on GCE-SEL methods targeted to both learning providers (youth workers) and individual learners (young people) and digitize outputs of the local labs. 

    • Joint development of the video tutorials for the youth workers on how to independently create the virtual library on other thematics (following the structure of the v.l. on GCE-SEL created by the partnership);
    • Testing the tool, constructive feedback from users and stakeholders;
    • Multiplying events to promote non-formal e-learning and the digital tool itself.
  • Dissemination

    By the end of the project, we will invest in the visibility of the project results. We do this through various social media, website, podcast and in our local communities by a set of multiplier events to promote the use of the digital tool.

  • Multiplier Events

    Each partner will have local multiplying events to promote non-formal e-learning and the digital tool itself. The project involves a number of associated partners on national levels that will be mainly involved in dissemination phase and support the multiplying events.

    In total the multiplier events shall cover participation of minimum of 300 persons within the partnership countries and up to 1500 via online streaming according to our estimations.

  • Transnational Meetings

    The project foresees transnational meetings in the partner countries in between the IOs in order to better coordinate and evaluate the team work and joint cooperation on outputs

We plan to create something beautiful

The partnership is working on creating a platform that will cater to the needs of Digital NFE in with a special focus on GCE and SEL.

About Us

DEEGeays is a ERASMUS+ and ANG funded startategic partnership for digitizing Non-formal Education.

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